Class TargetIndexConfig

  • public final class TargetIndexConfig
    extends Object
    Configuration of an index in Elasticsearch.
    Uwe Schindler
    • Field Detail

      • indexName

        public final String indexName
      • root

        public final Config root
      • globalHarvesterProperties

        public final Properties globalHarvesterProperties
      • indexSettings

        public org.elasticsearch.common.settings.Settings indexSettings
    • Constructor Detail

      • TargetIndexConfig

        public TargetIndexConfig​(Config root,
                                 String name)
        Default constructor
    • Method Detail

      • addGlobalHarvesterProperty

        public void addGlobalHarvesterProperty​(String value)
        Adds property for harvester (called from Digester on config load).
      • addHarvester

        public void addHarvester​(HarvesterConfig i)
        Adds harvester.
      • setNameSuffix1

        public void setNameSuffix1​(String nameSuffix1)
      • setNameSuffix2

        public void setNameSuffix2​(String nameSuffix2)
      • check

        public void check()
                   throws Exception
        Checks, if configuration is ok. After calling this, you are not able to change anything in this instance.
      • getRawIndexName

        public String getRawIndexName​(boolean alternate)